Welcome to Fred Hall’s SWING THING

Fred with fans (1949)

Fred with fans (1949)

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am ecstatic that the Fred Hall legacy continues! The music, the interviews with the artists and creators of the music, the best of the swing era, all packaged in a treasure of one hour gems,  How fortunate we are that his son Tim has preserved these radio shows  and makes them available to us today! - Edward F., Ga.

Ihave meant to write to you about how much I enjoy these programs. They are like attending a musical history class of the period. To hear not only the music, but to hear the people involved talk about their careers, people they have met, their experiences, is just putting the “icing on the cake!”
Thank you for making these programs available.- Bob R., Ca.
Ibought the Swing Thing library for my husband. We like many different types of music, but every Saturday, it’s Fred Hall’s Swing Thing. We also have the library on our car system and often enjoy it while traveling. Best birthday gift I ever bought him! - Barbara S., Ca
Regarding the SwingThing library, I found it to be a great value and really enjoy being able to listen to it whenever I like.- Frank S., Mn.
Thanks to Tim Hall bringing back his fathers(Fred Hall) show
Swing Thing. Featuring the great singers and performers of
the past this is a great collection of radio shows to
add to anyoneąs playlist. - Brook B., In