SwingThing for iTunes – Installation

Installing your SwingThing library in iTunes.

What’s included


After plugging the USB stick that has your SwingThing library into one of your computer’s USB ports, open a finder window and select the “SwingThing” device ‘as pictured above.

Take a look at the README file first.

You should also check out:

_Start Here.mp4” – which is a detailed video tutorial – covering everything included in this PDF, plus more.

– Watch this if you’re so inclined.

For Broadcasters” – this is a folder we’ve included for anyone broadcasting the shows, it includes several generic SwingThing promos by Fred, as well as a show Opener & Closer.

We’ve also included two “SEARCHnPLAY” installers – which you may find usefull (one is for Mac, and the other for PC).

SEARCHnPLAY provides a way of finding shows using a single (smart) search field, SEARCHnPLAY is also a great way for keeping track of shows you’ve already played, and it can be configured to hold back any shows you have already played for a set number of days that you can control ‘before putting them back into the rotation.

– This is particularly usefull for anyone scheduling shows for broadcast.

And finally, there’s the “Swing Thing HD Library for iTunes” folder.

This is where all 1,006 Swing Thing shows are stored.

– and it’s this folder that we will be importing into iTunes.

But, before Installing the library into iTunes…


Before we bring the library into iTunes – you have a couple of options for how you want to do it.

1. You can leave the shows on the USB thumb drive, and tell iTunes to read what’s there, but leave the actual shows on the thumb drive.


2. You can copy the library onto your computer and into your iTunes library folder – this is the preferred method.

Choosing the 1st method means the thumb drive will have to be plugged in before you can play (or copy) any of the shows for burning to CD, or loading onto an iDevice (e.g. and iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc).

Choosing the 2nd method means that once the library has been copied to the iTunes library on your computer, the thumb drive can be removed and safely stored away.

Because the library is huge (60GB), copying it to your computer’s hard drive will take up around 60GB of HD space – if you have enough room, this is always the recommended way to go. However, if you are short on drive space, keeping the library on the thumb drive is also possible.

It’s always a good idea to keep at least a few GB of free space on your computer’s HD – otherwise it will run slow.

NOTE: USB Thumb Drive read/write times are typically much much slower than a computer’s HD – which means when using method 1 (above), copying shows off the thumb drive will take longer than if the library was loaded to your computer’s HD, as described in method 2.

If you want to keep the library on the thumb drive, launch iTunes, and open up the iTunes Preferences.

– you’ll find the preferences listed under the “iTunes” menu (on a Mac), and under the “Edit” menu (on a PC).

Next, select the Advanced tab.

And uncheck the checkbox next to “Copy files to iTunes Media folder when adding to library”.

If you want the library stored on your computer ‘you can skip ahead to the next section without making these changes to iTunes’ preferences.

– Since the box comes checkd by default.

Installing the library into iTunes


We’re now ready to add the library to iTunes.

Under the “File” menu, choose “Add to Library..“, and navigate until you are just inside of the “Swing Thing HD library for iTunes” folder, and select it.

The library will now be read into iTunes.

NOTE: This will take a while to finish.

If you opted to leave the library on the thumb drive – it should take about an hour or so to index the contents of the drive into iTunes.

When it’s done, iTunes will give you access to the library, and will behave the same as if you actually copied it onto your HD.

Remember though, to be able to play the shows ‘the thumb drive must be plugged into your computer’s USB port.

But, if you opted to actually copy the files over – it will take longer to copy everything over.

In eaither case, just let it run till it’s done.

Finishing up


Once the library has been added to iTunes, each show will be listed as can be seen above.

To play a show


Select a show by clicking it once.

You’ll then see all its tracks listed.

Press the play button, and the show will start playing.

TIP: Try the search field (in the upper right corner of the iTunes window), and search for your favorite songs, singers, composers, bands and/or sidemen.


If you need help..

There’s a few ways to reach us.

Feel free to call us at 707-962-4490.

Email: tim@swing-thing.com

Or, have a look at our online users forum at..