Frequently Asked Questions

Answers provided by Fred's son - Timothy Hall
Fred's son - Tim

Fred’s son – Tim

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Why give this away for so cheap? What's the catch?
What's the difference between the iTunes & Broadcast versions of the SwingThing Library?
Are the shows tagged for easy searching within iTunes?
Do I have to copy the library to my computer?
What's the quality of the recordings?
When listening online, sometimes the signal drops. What's up with that?
Why do I sometimes get a 'Not Found' message when I try to play a show in searchNplay?
Why can it sometimes take a minute or more for your live stream to start playing after I press play?
Besides here (at Swing-Thing.com) 'can I listen from other places on the internet?
Why would I want to buy the SwingThing Library 'when I can always just come here (or to Shoutcast) to hear it?
If I buy the SwingThing Library - can I share it with friends & family?